Treatment Options

General balancing - including recording of voiceprint and analysis, vibrational sound listening session* and CD.

In depth analysis - includes a second voiceprint to obtain more specifically targeted information, vibrational sound session* and CD.

Distance analysis - you make a recording of your voice at home, send it to me for analysis, and I send you the sounds for home listening.

Retest (optional) - to assess progress, includes new voiceprint and analysis, sound session and new CD of revised sounds.

Taylor made option - sound therapy can aid many areas of well-being; 

a specifically targeted analysis can be offered where appropriate to suit your particular needs. 

*Depending on the option chosen, a sound session can take around two to three hours, so the vibrational listening part of the process may be offered as a separate appointment.  

If this is unsuitable (if travelling a long way perhaps), all processes can be done within a single longer session.  This and any other queries can be discussed when booking.

Further information or Booking

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